Craft Spin Rattle

Inspired in the used of seeds for making diverse noises in the pre-hispanic dances and its instruments is fascinating. Dry chili and its seeds resemble these ingenious instruments. Chile Seco is a collection of toys that provoke and rescue the playful soul in every Mexican.

Burnished clay by Master Artisan Ángel Santos

Collection Sabor a mí

Art Director Laura Noriega

Photography Lobsanth Ortega (photos belong to tributo)

Brand tributo

The project made its debut in Tent London Design Fair in September 2014 as part of the collective La Tlapalería. The collection Sabor a mí by La Tlapalería is inspired in some of the exquisite ingredients and flavor varieties that Mexico has given to the world.

Released in 2015 as part of the Mexican brand tributo.

To shop this product send and email or go to: tributo/chileseco

2014 Tonala, jalisco, mexico